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Nice shoes.

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She saw him before he saw her. Sauntered up to the bar stool next to him and slid on. “I’d like a Long Slow Comfortable Screw Up Against The Wall. Please.” she said pleasantly. He smiled. “I’d recommend a Screaming Orgasm. It doesn’t last as long but packs a punch.” The corner of her lips quirked. “Sounds like you got a Bad Habit there.” He sipped his drink. “Yep. I started Between the Sheets and then ended up here. Where do you come from?” She tilted her head. “Manhattan. Via a Boston Sidecar.” He whistled. “Bend over Shirley! That’s a Mind Eraser of a journey.” She laughed. “I know! All that way on a Black Bison and a Blue Motorcycle!” He looked at her. “Nightmare. How about a Corpse Reviver, Red Hot Mama?” She smiled. “I’d rather have a Slippery Bald Beaver.” “How Old Fashioned,” he sighed. “Tsk. You’re acting as if I’m a Sour Witch.” She pouted. He almost laughed out loud. “Well, you have got me Bewitched.” “Really? Getting a Wet Spot there are we?” she teased. “Depends,” he replied. “Do you have a Blue Negligee?” She smiled again. “No, but I do have a Slippery Nipple.” He swallowed. “Well, My Fair Lady, shall we?” She slid off the stool. “Absolut-ly.Harvey Wallbanger, get ready for my Silk Panties.” A Midsummer Night’s Dream welcomed them, the Sea Breeze gently kissing them as they walked off into the Tequila Sunset. #flirting #bar #cocktails #love #meetcute #meetdrunk #drunkinlove

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