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Bippity boppity

#chatswithparents #chatswithpeople #6
Me: another netflix binge session? What is this programme?
Dad: the Good Witch
Me: okay. And you’re watching it because…?
Dad: I thought there’d be magic and fireballs and all.

Me: right. It just seems to be this woman endlessly talking and encouraging the townspeople to fall in love or start businesses etc because ‘she’s got a good feeling.’
Dad: she talks too much. I fast forward sometimes.

Me: right. But you’re still watching it because…?
Dad: maybe there’ll be magic and fireballs and all.

Me:….right. But you’re one season down… that’s 24 episodes and no fireballs?
Dad: (sadly) not even one.

Me: just talking and feelings?

Me: and you’re still watching it because?
Dad: maybe there’ll be magic and fireballs and all?

Me: right. I think I’ll go see what mum’s watching.

Me: what’s this programme mother?
Mum: ‘Sasural Jo irritating hai with lots of shiny sarees and patriarchal crap’
Me: this needs some magic and fireballs.