Rocky road


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He didn't see her anymore. He saw what he wanted to. He saw a woman who was the height he found comfortable, a weight he found acceptable, who had hair down to a length he liked and who dressed well enough to impress the wives of bosses and colleagues. He didn't see her growing disillusionment, her delicate fingers clutching at napkins at every meal time or the line that appeared between her eyebrows. He couldn't see her sense of humour dying or her sullen silences lasting longer. He saw what he wanted. A reflection of his own desires. And when she walked out, he was flabbergasted. After all, couldn't she see they had a great marriage? #instastories #reflection #marriage #projection #breakup #surprise #relationship

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"And then I said that I couldn't possibly finish by Friday…are you listening to me Akash?" "What? Yes of course. So what happened then?" "…I don't think you even know what I'm talking about. And this isn't even the first time. What's going on?" "Oh God don't turn this into a thing. I was listening. You told your boss you couldn't possibly finish by Friday." "Not my boss. I told my mother that." "What? How is that even logical…stop looking at me like that. Stop it! I was listening." "Cheque please. Let's just leave." "What?? We have tickets to a movie." "I'm not in the mood. You want to go try and sell them?" "No! Will you stop making a big deal of nothing? I. Was. Listening." "That tree outside was listening more than you were. Goodbye Akash." "Even a tree wouldn't listen to you! Your stories are that boring! God." #shortstory #instastory #fiction #breakup #fight #listen #tree #listeningtree

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