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On the street where you live




She looked at the glass, sweat beading the outside of the glass. The golden-hued wine undulated seductively in the glass. She thought about the journey these grapes had had. From seeds in a bag to soil. To sunshine and struggling against mother nature. To being pruned and watered and tended. To knowing love and attention and flowering and fruiting. And becoming sweeter, under the sun, turning plump and juicy and delicious. And then being stomped into wine, laughter and joy. Resting in a barrel, ripening into full-bodied flavour. "This wine has done more for me than he has," she said blearily, before bursting into tears. #wine #whitewine #vino #grapes #vineyards #winemaking #love #loss #heartbreak #drama #golden #delicious #cold #drinking

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I can’t make you love me

Infatuation Part II

Part II. He hurried up the road. He was late. It was 1.15 and She would have already ordered. He wouldn't be able to order what she ordered today, he'd have to catch up and skip a course. He grimaced at the thought of asking the waitstaff for more information; he was sure they were laughing at him. After all, he was practically stalking Her. Coming here every Friday, ordering the same thing She did. He was sure She didn't know he existed – he'd made it a point to come at the same time each time but She…His insides turned warm just thinking of her. Panting slightly, he reached the restaurant. And She wasn't there. He stood there, wondering if she was late, knowing she wasn't, fearing the worst. #flirting #shy #socialanxiety #heartbreak #love #relationship #lunch #tallglassofwater #mint #date #restaurant #masonjar #drinks #part2 #end #green

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Infatuation Part I

Part I. The waiter smiled and put down her order. "Ma'am, your Tall Glass of Mint Sauce", he said. She smiled distantly, nodding her head in thanks, without taking her eyes off the door. Her Tall Glass hadn't arrived yet. She knew the wait staff must be laughing at her, at her slavish devotion to Him Without a Name. Every Friday, He came in for lunch at 1.05 pm. She tried to come in a little earlier or on time but was late sometimes. She'd order exactly what He ordered. She'd eat at the same pace that He ate. There was no way she'd risk talking to him. It was the only time she felt like she wasn't alone. She had to stop. She knew that. Her transfer was coming through next week. And she could stop feeling crappy about feeling crappy. #flirting #shy #socialanxiety #heartbreak #love #relationship #lunch #tallglassofwater #mint #date #restaurant #masonjar #drinks #part1 #beginning #green

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