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Ill heeled

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She turned the corner and almost wept. Her knees threatened to buckle but she knew that if she stopped no, they'd find her sprawled here forever. She forced herself to put one foot in front of the other, her pain centres screaming with every step. She held on to the wall with one hand, fearfully looking behind her to ensure no one was spying on her. The room numbers mocked her as she hobbled past. She heard a room door click open and straightened up in grim-faced stocisim. "Oh…hello ma'am," her deputy manager said, smiling uncertainly. "Did you just get in?" She nodded, with a rictus of a smile. "I…will see you later then," he mumbled and hurried away. She took a deep breath. When she got home from this miserable conference, she would burn all her heels. #highheels #pain #heelsaddict #heels #conference #business #hotel #ouch #corporate #boss

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