The state of the republic/union.

Fearless Politician Leader (FPL): ‘people like us’ are good. ‘People who are different’ are bad.
‘People like Us’ applaud.

‘People who are different’: FPL has changed the vibe of this country. He’s inciting more hate. Look at all these facts and figures.
‘People like Us’: all media is fake. Everything negative about FLP is lies.

FPL: everyone should live like us, eat like us, pray like us, look like us.
‘People like Us’ applaud.

FPL: I will drive out ‘People who are different’ who do not conform.
People like Us’ applaud.

‘People who are different’: FPL is a danger to freedom, secularism and diversity.
People like Us: don’t like how this country is run? you get out of this country.

FLP: the guy/woman from the opposition: was he/she even born in this country?
‘People like Us’: hahaha no no only people born here can be considered.

‘People who are different’: we were born here.
‘People like Us’: you go back to where you came from.

Foreign power changes policies relating to FPL’s country.
‘People like Us’: how dare they treat us like this? We have rights. How dare they?

Foreign Fearless Political Leader does exactly what FPL does.
‘People like Us’: that guy’s crazy. He’s a despot. Someone take away his Twitter account.
Foreign Media: but your guy and our guy are the same?
‘People like Us’: all foreign media is also fake. You also get out of this country.

Duck duck boo