Wabbit season 


Squawk squawk

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"It's so hot outside. See, we wouldn't have been this cool in the old car." 'So you keep saying…basically you'll find any reason to justify the buy." "Well, it is my money you know." "Wow. I cannot believe you just said that. 21st century marriage indeed." "Okay don't overreact." "Great, now I'm overreacting on this too." "Okay come on. I'll tell you a joke. Why did the chickens cross the road?" "Yuck. Seriously? With them hanging outside like that?" "Oh come on. Why did the chicken cross the road?" "Why? "Everyone on the other side was waiting for lunch." "Just stop talking please. Please." #fiction #shortstory #instastory #chicken #whydidthechickencrosstheroad #carnivore #jokes #notfunny #sorrynotsorry

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Invasion part 3

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