Must love dogs.


It’s a bird. It’s a plane…


In Her Majesty’s Secret Service


Dead line.

She sat in the back seat, tense. If she didn't get home on time, there would be hell to pay. Why had she gotten tempted by Sailu and those wretched sandwiches? She should have left then. She started to flip through the names of gods in her head, no mean task given the sheer numbers. Which one could she pray to for help? When they started to slow down, she almost broke down. The driver popped out, outlined by the red glow of hundreds of cars. She felt the bile rise as he surveyed the situation and with the satisfaction of a man being paid by the minute, announced that they would be there for some time. He turned, and stopped smiling as he saw her throw up, her bloodless face white in the darkness. #fear #tuktuk #submissive #terror #traffic #rickshaw

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