The state of the republic/union.

Fearless Politician Leader (FPL): ‘people like us’ are good. ‘People who are different’ are bad.
‘People like Us’ applaud.

‘People who are different’: FPL has changed the vibe of this country. He’s inciting more hate. Look at all these facts and figures.
‘People like Us’: all media is fake. Everything negative about FLP is lies.

FPL: everyone should live like us, eat like us, pray like us, look like us.
‘People like Us’ applaud.

FPL: I will drive out ‘People who are different’ who do not conform.
People like Us’ applaud.

‘People who are different’: FPL is a danger to freedom, secularism and diversity.
People like Us: don’t like how this country is run? you get out of this country.

FLP: the guy/woman from the opposition: was he/she even born in this country?
‘People like Us’: hahaha no no only people born here can be considered.

‘People who are different’: we were born here.
‘People like Us’: you go back to where you came from.

Foreign power changes policies relating to FPL’s country.
‘People like Us’: how dare they treat us like this? We have rights. How dare they?

Foreign Fearless Political Leader does exactly what FPL does.
‘People like Us’: that guy’s crazy. He’s a despot. Someone take away his Twitter account.
Foreign Media: but your guy and our guy are the same?
‘People like Us’: all foreign media is also fake. You also get out of this country.


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Shankarappa woke up at 5 am. This was a waste. His awful wedded wife had screeched the house down all through last week. There was no choice today. He was at the centre by 6 am, receiving pots of ink and a brush. He sneered at the brush while eating his complimentary upma. What an insult. What a joke. Could this even be called a brush? What would the legends say if they saw him now? His muse had stopped speaking to him years ago, practically five minutes into his wedding. And now he could hear his anti-muse, his wife, all the time. Even when he stuffed cotton in his ears. He straightened his shoulders. He'd show them all. As the girl stepped up to him fearfully, he concentrated. Jackson Pollock my ass, he thought. I'll show them abstract art. And he went to work. The entire polling booth went silent. He smiled triumphantly. They knew they were in the presence of genius. Why, the girl even started shedding tears, looking at her finger. Unexpectedly, it was going to be a good day. #jacksonpollock #abstractart #daubs #painters #fiction #painting #abstract #voting #polling #vote #karnataka #elections – #regrann @lafictionista

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Eagle eye

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It was already four and they hadn't arrived yet. She tut-tutted to herself. Young people today had no sense of time. She'd been ready since three, her maid's uniform ironed to razor sharpness and a broom stolen from hotel housekeeping. And they were late. Which was surpriskng because in her experience, adulterers were normally early. She sighed. She had an embezzler to stalk at six. She'd already bugged the window and table so she was covered but she always liked being able to listen in and report back to clients the same day. Plus adulterers were the cutest. She swept dispiritedly and hoped they'd turn up soon. #buglife #detective #eagleeye #privateeye #sherlock #affair #cafe #cheater

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On the street where you live

Must love dogs.

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It was 12. He hadn't come back yet. She sighed and sat back in bed, pulling the sheets towards her. Alexi slept on beside her, snoring a little. She wondered when he'd be back, whether he'd come sleep with them when he did come in or if he'd avoid them and sleep in the guest room. He hated that the dog slept in their bed. But she'd brought Alexi into her bed because he was gone so many nights. And now…well she didn't know what was going on anymore. And she was tired of having to choose between her dog and her husband. Tonight, she'd talk to him. And make a choice. #dog #pet #couple #love #husband #fight #doggy #doggylove #doggylover #relationship #fiction #instastory #lhasaapso #lhasalove #lhasagram

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It’s a bird. It’s a plane…

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He looked up and sighed. He'd promised himself that he'd start working out today. He craned his neck to see if he could see the top of the building. More than 40 floors then. People were working, laughing and living up there. He could see them. He tried to stretch and limber up but just ended up leaning against the building, with his eyes closed. The darkness threatened to come flooding back. Superman stretched out his arms and shot up 40 floors, barely glancing at the people inside. He flew home – after all, he'd left the house today – that was a great first step. Lois would just have to understand. #depression #superman #loislane #manofsteel #blue photo credit @anishachristinejohn #skyscraper

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