Must love dogs.

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It was 12. He hadn't come back yet. She sighed and sat back in bed, pulling the sheets towards her. Alexi slept on beside her, snoring a little. She wondered when he'd be back, whether he'd come sleep with them when he did come in or if he'd avoid them and sleep in the guest room. He hated that the dog slept in their bed. But she'd brought Alexi into her bed because he was gone so many nights. And now…well she didn't know what was going on anymore. And she was tired of having to choose between her dog and her husband. Tonight, she'd talk to him. And make a choice. #dog #pet #couple #love #husband #fight #doggy #doggylove #doggylover #relationship #fiction #instastory #lhasaapso #lhasalove #lhasagram

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