The cobbler had been shut for four days now. Atish was irritated. Everyone had a job. Why couldn't this man show up and do his? He'd brought his shoes along every day this week. This cobbler used airplane rubber, which meant that the shoes would last twice as long now. The fifth day, a cart was parked in front of the stall. Atish fretted. What if the cobbler had gone away? Things were so expensive. How would he manage? Shoes wouldn't last at all now. He'd wait another day and go to another cobbler. He waited four more days. And to his relief, the stall opened on the fifth day. He whined at the cobbler, "Where have you been? I've come every day for a week!" The cobbler said "I rode a delivery cart for extra money. I've been here all along, just in the evenings." #shortstory #instastory #fiction

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