#chatswithpeople #chatswithparents #31

Me: so what did you and Dad do today?
Mum: we went to see this electronics exhibition.
Me: oh really? What did you buy?
Mum: nothing. We just went to spend some time.
Me: (sly smile) like a date eh?
Mum: …what?
Me: you know, like a date. Like in Gilmore girls.
Mum: okay fine. Something like that.
Dad walks in.
Me: woo wooo daddy all romantic dates and all eh
Dad: what? What??
Me: you took mum out on a date and all. Woo woo.
Dad: no I didn’t.
Me: yes you did. You sat on the metro next to each other, had lunch at a restaurant, just wandered around the exhibition centre. That’s a romantic date.
Dad (completely embarrassed): there is NOTHING romantic about me going out with your mother.
Mum: what??? What does THAT mean?
Dad: I……no so…wait my phone’s ringing. Bye.
Me: woo wooo mother.
Mum: shut up. We should have beat you more when you were younger.
Me: woo wooo.


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