Hello, is it me you’re looking for…

#chatswithpeople #chatswithparents #chatswithboys #26

Ring. Ring.
Girl: hello?
Guy: hi. This is Akash…our parents have been chatting?
Girl: um hi. Yes.

Guy: this is so weird isn’t it?
Girl (omg he’s human): yes it so is. Thank you, I’m so glad I’m not the only one weirded out.
Guy: I know right? At least Austen has dances and fans.

Girl (stunned): you read Austen?
Guy: is that weird? I-
Girl: no no it’s amazing. Most people don’t even read.

Guy: I can’t get to sleep without a book. I guess then you shouldn’t tell your parents I’m never alone in bed.
Girl (dying): (trying to be sexy giggle) well, you should know I’ve usually got Steven Tyler in the bedroom.

Guy: (laughs) can I tell you a secret?
Girl (breathless) (throatily): you can tell me anything.

Mom: wake up! Wake up child! GET UP for Krishna’s sake it’s already 9! Don’t blame me when you’re late for work.
Girl: what? What??? WHAT???

Mom: and don’t be late. That boy will be calling at 9 tomorrow so tell your office you’re coming late.

#SURPRISE #yesimhorrible #yesteasing
#therealphonecall coming asap


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