So, there’s this guy…

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Disclaimer: This is fiction. Okay? Not inspired by real events at all. It never happened to me.
Okay? Okay.

Appa:…and the boy is in Yew Yes Yay
Girl:….let me guess. He’s an engineer?
Appa: (astonished) How did you know??
Girl: Sigh. I’m saying No.

Amma: So, he will call you up then to speak to you and then we can say yes.
Girl: No.
Amma: Very good. Shall we say 9.30?
Girl: No.

Appa: So you have to get up at least at 8 am so you can be bathed and ready.
Girl: How does it matter if I’m bathed or not for the phone call Anyway, I’m not awake till at least 9 am. And anyway, No.

Appa: What do you mean you’re not awake? Then what, we have to ask him to call AT NIGHT? AFTER 6 PM? ARE YOU MAD?
Girl: Who has conversations in the morning?? Also, still, No. To all of it.
Amma: At least three of your aunties call me everyday at 6.30 am to ask what I have finished cooking for the day.

Appa: Anyway, it is better we set a time.
Girl:…because of the time difference?
Appa: What time difference?

Girl:…. USA to India?
Amma: Aiyo no no. We must ensure he does not call in Rahu kalam*. So tomorrow is…Tuesday. Ah okay, he can call in the morning any time.

Girl: No. There’s no calling no nothing. He’s a moron.
Amma: Foolish girl. He’s not a moron, he’s a Madhava. When will you learn the subsects?
Girl: Never. Just No to all of this.

Appa (approvingly): Shy. Finally, she is becoming South Indian.
Girl: I’m adopted no? Just say yes. And again, No.

*Rahu Kalam is an inauspicious time period every day. To make life interesting, it is never the same time everyday. So grandmothers have ensured children call them everyday, if for nothing else than to ascertain when Rahu Kalam is.


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