You can leave your hat on.

#chatswithfriends #chatsbetweenfriends #20

Friend and I discussing our love lives. Or lack thereof.

Friend:…or you could try Tinder again.
Me: only if you brainwashed me and took my phone and rendered me blind.

Friend: the brainwashing might take too much time.
Me: you are a scary scary person.

Friend: we could hire a stripper.
Me: hain?? To do what?
Friend: what do you think he’s going to do, idiot?
Me (squealing): I’ve seen Magic Mike and the sequel. I’m ok thank you.

Friend: this is an excellent idea.
Me: no it really is not.
Friend: I have a guy.
Me (despite myself): you have a stripper on call??
Friend: no no I have a guy who has a guy who has strippers on call.
Me: Lord have mercy. Please no.

Friend (glumly): there’s no point. With your luck, the stripper will show up, do a namaste and say ‘didi, maaf karo. Naukri ka pehla din hai.’
Me: phew.


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