Up in the air

#chatswithfriends #chatswithpeople #17

Friend: so, you’re unusually active with your status-dialogue things tonight. What’s up?
Me: flight delayed. By almost two hours.
Friend: ah. And you couldn’t read a book?
Me: forgot to get one.
Friend: laptop?
Me: forgot to charge it and all the desks are occupado.

Friend: ok then. So. What airline is this?
Me: Air India
Friend: what?? Really?
Me: hey man they let you take 25 kg. I’m fed up of worrying about excess baggage.
Friend: yet you didn’t bring a book.
Me: shut up.

Friend: so wow Air India. I haven’t flown that in years…since…
Me: the Gulf? Yeah I know. I can only remember flying AI from there. Of course that’s when we weren’t taking Gulf Air.

Friend: god I miss Gulf Air. All those hot hostesses
Me: hot? They had hats with veils kinda thing going on and wore long, long skirts.
Friend (dreamily): yeah…
Me: the Gulf really screwed with your head no you kinked out perv.

Friend (indignant): what? No! I’m not a perv. Please. You’re as messed up. Didn’t you use to steal the cutlery?
Me: true. I’m not proud of it now but yes.
Friend: at one point you had a whole set of embossed Gulf-Air dessert spoons.
Me (dreamily): yeah. Good times.

Friend: well so you’re the perv.
Me: I think you’ll find that that makes me a kleptomaniac.
Friend: and a pedant.
Me: fine. and a status updater. Your 15 seconds are here.
Friend: I just don’t want my name mentioned.
Me: I understand. Your wife doesn’t know about the veil fetish eh?
Friend: I’m blocking you.


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