Swipe left.

#chatswithfriends #chatswithboys #chatswithpeople #14

Me:…or like Chicago the movie. Wasn’t that amazing? That song still gives me goosebumps.
Friend: it had songs?
Me: dude. ‘He had it coming’?

Friend: was Catherine Zeta-Jones in it?
Me: what the….? Yes she was! We watched it together! How do you not remember this?
Friend: I dunno. She was in jail for something?
Me: yes, she finds her husband and sister together so she kills ’em
Friend: you say that with a scary amount of satisfaction in your voice.

Me: well hello why not? If you caught your wife cheating with your brother? Wouldn’t you kill them? Like be angry enough to maim at least?
Friend: thank God I don’t have a brother

Me: Okay mr smart ass. What if you catch your wife with your sister? Aha? Oho?
Friend: ai go ya. To worry about this, it would have to be likely that I’ll get married. Have you seen the monstrosity that is Tinder? Pah. Sister it seems.

Me: bad date huh?
Friend: why are people so weird? Like they look normal but then you realise they are nuts and do weird things?
Me: like sleep with your sister.

Friend: you’re not shutting up about this no? Fine, I’d kill them. Happy?
Me: you’d kill them? This is why you’re single. You’re a psycho.
Friend: I’m going to kill you da.


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