We were on a break.

Why #chatswithparents is on hiatus.
#chatswithpeople #12

In the interest of fairness, I show chats to parents. Separately.
Mum: heh heh heh you’ve got your dad down pat…hee hee….hah….what??? I know who Garrison Ford is!! (Sulk)

Dad: ho ho ho this is your mother alright. Ha ha I see you got the internet banking photo thing down. Ha ha…wait. I never asked you to bake me a cake for Father’s Day. I said make phirni! (Grumpiness)

Mum:…and then, I said….never mind.
Me: what? What??
Mum: no you’ll just put it on Facebook.

Dad: and I found it on Netflix so I’m gonna watch all the seasons now. DON’T write about it on Facebook.

Dad: I don’t understand why aliens can’t look different. We can’t imagine anything other than our own forms.
Me:….that’s….so true daddy. Very interesting.
Dad: DON’T put it on Facebook.

Dad: I want idlis for breakfast. (Whips around) what’s that in your hand? Are you on…(deep breath) FACEBOOK??

Mum: you won’t BELIEVE what stupidity divya mami said just now..
Me: what what?
Mum: she….never mind.
Me: FOR THE LOVE OF. FINE! I’LL STOP. (Sulks and grumpiness)


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